Declare your love for UMKC Libraries with a Haiku

Have a secret crush on your Dental librarian?

Covet the cappucino at Miller Nichols Library’s Robot Café?

Groove on the vast volumes of medical journals at the Health Sciences Library ?

Tell us about it with a haiku!

Haikus are short, 3 line poems with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the last line.

Post your poem in the COMMENTS section.

We will pick a winner each week to highlight on the UMKC Libraries’ website and our Facebook page.


89 thoughts on “Declare your love for UMKC Libraries with a Haiku

  1. Joey Roo says:

    i’ve got a slight crush
    cataloging smarts, warm smiles
    librarians rock!

  2. Tracey Hughes says:

    Know where you can see
    a “Meth Mouth” model? At the
    Dental Library!

  3. Traffic, work, study
    The Robot Cafe looms near
    I am in heaven

    — from Mary Anderson on our Facebook page

  4. Tracey Hughes says:

    Students demonstrate
    brushing techniques to promote
    children’s dental health.

    February gets
    super busy, so you should
    reserve some things. Now.

    Darnell is the man;
    his office has cool models,
    puppets, and fake food!

  5. Roxana says:

    Research paper due
    Still hung over, my head hurts
    Don’t know how to start

    by Billy Maher (posted on facebook)

  6. Tracey Hughes says:

    Too many books for
    me to carry…thank goodness
    for those new lockers!

  7. Kevin McCluskey says:

    ducks in a fountain
    the babies needed a ramp
    Progress: no more ducks

  8. Mary says:

    Yo — MNL rocks!
    (It would be even better
    with free robot rides…)

    PS: The apostrophe in “Haiku’s are short, 3 line poems…” is making me very sad….

  9. Bonnie says:

    Robot Cafe Rocks!
    The Hot Cocoa is the Best!
    So sorry Star Bucks!

  10. Tracey Hughes says:

    Top of the hour —
    end of flurry of print jobs —
    silence once again.

  11. Jacob says:

    One day I was sad
    Then I found all the happy
    at the library

    I was very loud
    the librarian came and
    silenced my haiku

    looking through the books
    one really catches my eyes
    or was that just dust?

    I lost both my hands
    my dream to read can now be
    thanks to robot arm

    At the library
    the first floor is floor zero
    I really love that

  12. Sarah says:

    Textbooks! The bill! Yikes!
    No! I’ll use the library.
    My wallet thanks me.

    Textbooks are the beast
    that devour my paycheck.
    Library, save me!

  13. Tracey Hughes says:

    Thanks, admissions staff!
    They showcase the library
    during all their tours.

    Prospective students
    get to see the resources
    available here.

    The best part is when
    we get new dental models.
    Their reaction? WOW!

    • Tracey, you are inspired! And yes, thanks to Admissions for including UMKC Libraries on perspective student tours — definitely a selling point for why students should choose UMKC! 🙂

  14. Kathleen Schweitzberger says:

    Print materials
    along with electronic-
    all your research here!

  15. Xanath Caraza says:

    Por Xánath Caraza

    A la imagen
    Entra el estudiante
    El papel brilla


    Sarah J. Fox-Linton, graduate student, Educational Administration

    Textbooks! The bill! Yikes!
    No! I’ll use the library.
    My wallet thanks me.

    Thank you for sharing the love, Sarah!!

  17. Becky Haden says:

    La bibliothèque :
    Vos livres, votre chaleur,
    Vous avez mon cœur.

  18. Mary says:

    naša knjižnica
    je pun dobrih knjiga pa
    čak i ima sushi

    (You have to elide the “i ima” to make the syllable count come right :-D)

  19. Kate Trawinski says:

    Roobot the Robot
    Shelves are now devoid of books
    Did you eat them all?

  20. Tracey Hughes says:

    Beware the sofa
    on the 3rd floor…it’s comfy…
    trying not to…zzzzzz…

  21. Dani says:

    West third floor window
    Today’s snowy view reflects
    Quiet in the stacks


    Kathleen Schweitzberger, UMKC Libraries Head of Metadata and Cataloging

    Print materials
    Along with electronic-
    All your research here!

    Thanks for waxing poetic about our great resources for research, Kathleen!

  23. McKensie Callahan says:

    Curled in the corner,
    Overlooking the campus,
    I know I am home.

  24. McKensie Callahan says:

    Home; sanctuary –
    A place of comfort and rest –
    Or, the library!

  25. Candi says:

    Diastole House has books
    And treasures abound
    My heart is at rest.

  26. Cassandra says:


    No puedo hablar.
    Ideas gritan mueve
    Lengua de plomo!

  27. Roxana says:

    From Chelsea Scott via Facebook

    cambios del claves duros
    imprimos libros

  28. Roxana says:

    Also from Chelsea Scott via Facebook

    valta de libros
    computer keys click softly
    cerrado hasta morning

  29. Kimberly Hardeman says:


    Palabras, libros
    Puertas al universo
    Inspiran a mi.

    Translation (syllables change in English):

    Words, books
    Doors to the universe
    They inspire me.

  30. Kimberly Hardeman says:

    Ideas, thoughts kept
    Oppressed mean society
    Can’t progress, we fail.

    Ideas, thoughts once
    Communicated lead to
    Action, and change made.

    Listen, read, write, speak
    Add to collective knowledge
    Mentor, lead, teach, CHANGE.

  31. Sydney Llewellyn says:

    leer es saber
    saber traerá éxito
    y felicidad

  32. Sydney Llewellyn says:

    donde siento segura
    en el silencio

  33. Sydney Llewellyn says:

    Montón de libros
    el que yo voy a subir

  34. Sydney Llewellyn says:

    Tercero piso
    el único lugar donde
    I am in silence.

    Third Floor
    the only place
    I am in silence.

  35. Sydney Llewellyn says:

    a disease that I suffer
    but here I am cured.


    Kimberly Hardeman, UMKC junior, Psychology


    Palabras, libros
    Puertas al universo
    Inspiran a mi.


    Words, books
    Doors to the universe
    They inspire me.

    Yours words inspire us, Kimberly!

  37. Kimberly Hardeman says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgment!

  38. Cindy says:

    Read, write, write, write – breathe.
    Chairs, big tables, caffeine, snacks.
    MNL: my spot.


    Cindy Thompson, UMKC doctoral candidate (& MNL Director of Public Services)

    Read, write, write, write – breathe.
    Chairs, big tables, caffeine, snacks.
    MNL: my spot.

    We’re betting this speaks to your experiences both as a student and employee!

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